LCH chapter 4 and a new novel

First chapter of the week LCH chapter 4 and Wandering Stories of Kawazu-san and I in Another World.


LCH chapter 1 and dropping FFW

Well, I really can’t translate it accurately all the way. I only got up to 80 percent of chapter 2 before I stumbled into a bottleneck. Therefore, I’ll just give up Fanning the Flames of War to another person who is willing to translate this. As a gift, I will be posting LCH chapter 1. Meanwhile, I will be looking for another interesting novel to translate.

LCH chapter 1

LCH Prologue

I will not be posting any chapters for the rest of the week. I will be reading ahead so I could get a better understanding of the story.

The introduction story is revised if you guys want to re-read it to get a better understanding. I will frequently re-edit some chapters so I can make it as accurate as possible. I could probably translate the chapter faster but I am checking every single sentence carefully. Anyways, here is the prologue.


Due to my poor knowledge of japanese, I will not be translating Fanning the Flames of War! for a while. I will be inactive until I feel that I have grasp a sufficient amount of the japanese language.

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